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Fluido Sistem plans, produces and promotes both standard and ISO, CNOMO normalized article specialized for automation and compressed air.

With a long technical experience, we can guarantee to customer a very high quality end product:

  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Special cylinders
  • Valve and solenoid valve
  • Fittings
  • Flow regulator
  • Special fittings
  • Frl units
  • Hoses
  • Flexible flame resistant hoses - welding spatter caps
  • Planning and production of pneumatic cabinets
  • Welding systems solutions

A service company at your service.

By combining industry knowldge, technical expertise, research and developing of innovative systems we introduce ourselves to offer complete products and always more innovative.

Quality System

Quality system understood like modern tool to warrant efficiency and cheapness, was adopte since 1999, in according to ISO normatives, like strategic choice of " Quality guarantee", for assure:

  • constant of products quality, in keeping with rule and specific techniques;
  • attention and will for the improvement
  • quality of services to assure the customer's satisfaction
  • a responsible engagement of our personnel in a stage of objectives, structures and technical means.

We are sure that having a Quality System means above all to own one of the key to success of a performance organization.

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  • Assembling
  • Mechanical equipment with booster
    Mechanical equipment with booster
  • Fittings equipment with stainless-steel cladding
    Fittings equipment with stainless-steel cladding
  • Actuator with position transducer
    Actuator with position transducer
  • Special actuators
    Special actuators
  • Distribution blocks
    Distribution blocks
  • Pneumatic boxes
    Pneumatic boxes
  • Adhesive dosing system
    Adhesive dosing system
  • Designing hydraulic cylinders
    Designing hydraulic cylinders
  • Design pneumatic cylinders
    Design pneumatic cylinders
  • Compact pneumatic cylinders
    Compact pneumatic cylinders
  • ISO pneumatic cylinders in kit
    ISO pneumatic cylinders in kit
  • Special pneumatic cylinders
    Special pneumatic cylinders
  • Rotary blocking cylinder
    Rotary blocking cylinder
  • Rotary cylinders
    Rotary cylinders
  • Telescopic cylinder
    Telescopic cylinder
  • Tritandem cylinder
    Tritandem cylinder
  • Silenced compressor
    Silenced compressor
  • ISO electrovalves
    ISO electrovalves
  • Miniaturized electrovalves
    Miniaturized electrovalves
  • Actuator mounting with position transducer
    Actuator mounting with position transducer
  • Special fittings
    Special fittings
  • Designing hydraulic system
    Designing hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic system
    Hydraulic system
  • Special push-in fittings
    Special push-in fittings
  • Multipolar distribution block
    Multipolar distribution block
  • Special microelectrovalves
    Special microelectrovalves
  • Special pressure multiplier
    Special pressure multiplier
  • Fittings mounting
    Fittings mounting
  • Electrovalves package with multipole wireway
    Electrovalves package with multipole wireway
  • Special electrovalves package
    Special electrovalves package
  • Special valves package
    Special valves package
  • Pneumatic panels
    Pneumatic panels
  • Designing mechanical parts
    Designing mechanical parts
  • Mechanical parts
    Mechanical parts
  • Special fittings
    Special fittings
  • Push-in fittings metal line
    Push-in fittings metal line
  • Metallic fittings covering stainless steel braided
    Metallic fittings covering stainless steel braided
  • ISO pressure regulator plate
    ISO pressure regulator plate
  • ISO pressure regulator
    ISO pressure regulator
  • Flexible flame resistant hoses
    Flexible flame resistant hoses
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Tel. +39 011.797322 - +39 011.797420 / Fax +39 011.797412
Tax Code/VAT number 06899670019
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